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Accept Crypto Payments Bankless, Fast and Cheap

Revolutionize payments with the crypto gateway powered by Ethereum Rollups for unstoppable scalability and Account Abstraction for seamless usability!


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Add any EVM chain upon request. Contact us or book a call.

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Sprintcheckout API integration

API integration

Are you on Magento, BigCommerce, Ecwid, or another ecommerce platform? We have a plugin for you. Contact us or book a call.

Merchant dashboard

Accept payments in 3 steps:

Set up, Get paid and Fullfill.

Check the Docs

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Install and set up in seconds

Available on Woocomerce and coming soon to Shopify, Magento, Wix, Square, Bigcommerce and more.


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The fast way to integrate with any store

Intuitive APIs and documentation makes it easy to get started and scale. Check the Docs.

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Lowest fees

Customers will pay zero fees (only with account abstraction comming soon). Merchants pay low fees to Sprintcheckout.

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Mission Driven

“Sprintcheckout aims to provide bankless, fast, and cheap decentralized payment solutions for the next generations. Ethereum will evolve into the global settlement layer, while zkEVMs will serve as the scaling solution. And Account Abstraction will enable the usability needed for mainstream adoption.”

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Also, contact us on support@sprintcheckout.com

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