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Accept Crypto Payments Bankless, Fast and Cheap

Powered by ZkSync Ethereum Layer 2. Available on Woocommerce, and direct API integration.

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Sprintcheckout API integration

API integration

Sprintcheckout is Live now on zkSync 2.0 testnet

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Install and set up in seconds

Select the tokens you want to accept. Add your public address. And start to accept payments.

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Let your customers pay with ETH & ERC20

Your customers will pay through zkSync Checkout and money will get instantly to your public address. Withdraw from zkSync Wallet at anytime.

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Lowest fees

Customers will pay zero fees. Merchants pay low fees to Sprintcheckout and ZkSync.

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Our Mission

“Sprintcheckout is on a mission to deliver bankless, fast and cheap payments to the coming generations. Ethereum will become the world’s Settlement layer and zkRollups the scaling solution. “

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Also, contact us on support@sprintcheckout.com

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