Bankless, Fast and Cheap Crypto Payments

Available for merchants via WooCommerce plugin, API integration and stand alone crypto payment links.


Crypto Payments Simplified

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Fully none custodial. Funds go directly to your preferred wallet address. No KYC required.

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EVM Chains

EVM Rollups

We do support every EVM chains. Including all Layer 2s and layer 1s

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Outstanding UX

Outstanding UX

Conversion is key. Experience web3 payments. Connect your wallet and pay.

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Fiat Auto Settlement

Fiat Auto Settlement

Connect your Coinbase or Binance account and get funds converted to your preferred Fiat or stablecoin.

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Low Fees

Low Fees

Very low fees. Just 0.5% processing fee.

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Account Abstraction

Account Abstraction

Future proof with Account Abstraction. Gas less transactions, recurrent payments and rewards coming soon. 

conversion is key

Crypto gateways are inefficient by default. The complexity of the steps  negatively affects checkout conversions and, as a result, your sales.

Sprintcheckout simplifies the customer journey by making each transaction as convenient as a card payment. This leads to happy customers and long-term business growth.

Built for merchants with high standards and an eye for convenience. Can you relate?


Woocommerce crypto payments plugin

Woocommerce Plugin

Install and setup in seconds Sprintcheckout Sprintcheckout WooCommerce Plugin.

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API Integration

The fastest way to integrate with any store. Intuitive API and documentation makes it easy to get started and scale. Check the Documentation.

Sprintcheckout Crypto payment link

Payment Links

Set up payment links and start getting donations, Invoicing customers. Visit the Merchant Dashboard to start now.

Get started

Sign up in to the Dashboard with your preferred Google account.

Set up easily with the Wizard any of our products.

Book a call and let our team support you along your crypto payments journey.

Sprintcheckout crypto payments dashboard


Simple pricing

Sprintcheckout is totally free to install. Payment processing fees are only 1.5% 0.5%.

Check it out

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Our Vision

We envision Ethereum as the settlement layer for all of the world’s economic activity, competing directly with the payment card industry.

To support the imminent transition, we are building Sprintcheckout, a scalable, low-cost payment gateway powered by zkEVMs.

Our solution implements Account Abstraction to support programmable transactions, including gas-less payments, subscription, and loyalty rewards.

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Good Friends

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Refer a merchant

Convince a merchant to take crypto payments with us and get a share of the fees we generate, plus a chance to be rewarded with Sprintcheckout future shares.